Blooms Program

Fixing Bikes
Solving Problems

Hilltop's Blooms program meets four consecutive days per week, Monday through Thursday. This consecutive day schedule allows children to build on their day-to-day projects, discoveries and friendships without interruption. The Blooms program is intended for children who are four years, three months (4.3) of age by September and is designed as a preparation year prior to Kindergarten. The children in this class are developmentally ready to work within a small group setting.


Program Goals

Using Imagination

The primary goal of this program is to provide the opportunity for children to work in a more collaborative group-based environment. As the children work and play within this environment they will engage in small group settings to further develop their pre-reading, language and fine motor skills. The children will also strengthen their social skills through play opportunities that involve role playing, imagination, communication and problem solving. They are also given the freedom within a structured environment to explore, design and create; inspired from their own ideas and from researched literature.


How it Happens

Learning opportunities offered are based on the developing social-emotional, cognitive and physical skills and interests of the children. A variety of curriculum materials are available for the children to use in their play. As children initiate play, the teachers are able to help them learn by engaging in their play and asking questions that encourage them to think, discover, manipulate and explore. Through their interaction with peers, adults and materials, children strengthen their skills and continue to learn about the world around them.

Rolling Balls
Making Friends
Experiencing Texture
Exploring numbers
Exploring numbers