Program Fees & Responsibilities

Information and fees about the different options for the 2020-2021 academic year

2B - Non CO-OP Covid

(Current September Plan) Parents not allowed on site.
The need for a more restrictive environment. This option may occur if physical distancing is required. In this scenario we may have to implement an afternoon program and/or daily schedule change to accommodate class size restrictions. Parents are not allowed on campus.

  • Teacher:Child cohorts of up to 10 children to 1 teacher.
  • Schedule changes from 3.5 hours to 3 hours to accommodate sanitizing between morning program and an afternoon program.
  • Morning program hours could change to 9-12 and an afternoon program to 1-4.
  • Parents will provide a snack and personal water bottle for their child. Lunch will not take place at Hilltop.
  • Increased sanitizing of tables, chairs and toys which will occur before and after snack and any time there is a need for cleaning.
  • Additional hand washing and sanitizing protocols in place.
  • Adults and children over the age of 2 will be required to wear a mask at sign in and pick-up. Parents/caregivers have the option to have their child wear or remove their mask throughout the school day, unless otherwise required by law.
  • Temperature check of child and caregiver dropping off child at gate.

Fees & work requirements: for ALL Families**

  • 2 days (Seeds): No work requirements; $450/month
  • 3 days (Sprouts): No work requirements; $585/month
  • 4 days (Blooms/Blossoms): No work requirements; $636/month

**Tuition rate for Level 2B Non Co-Op Covid rate to support additional staffing for cohorts, sanitation and required PPE.

Level 3 - Distance Learning

General meetings & Parent In-services will continue.

Level 3A - Monthly Tuition for Families with ESSENTIAL Workers *NEW PROGRAM*
This scenario is for “safer at home” or “shelter in place” protocols as required by law.

  • Hours will change to 5 hours a day.
  • On campus hours are available for essential workers only.
  • 2 child cohorts with 1 teacher each.

Fees & work requirements:

  • Essential Care Center: No work requirements; 3 days 9am-2pm $834/month
  • Essential Care Center: No work requirements; 4 days 9am-2pm $1112/month

*Virtual package 3B can be added on to 3A Essential Workers

Level 3B - Monthly Tuition for Virtual Families - All new Parent Learning Centered Approach
This option has been created to limit child screen time, help you create a Hilltop environment in your home and maximize the time you and your child/children spend together learning and playing.

  • Available for all families.
  • As with our regular programs, each program is tailored to the developmental needs of a Seed, Sprout, Bloom and Blossom family.
  • Consistent provocations for exploring are provided, along with brainstorming on ways to further the learning using materials and spaces available at home.
  • Could include a zoom meeting and/or a forum for children to share their learning with others.
  • You will learn how to:
         Support your child’s play and exploration more effectively.
         Create deeper connections with your child through shared learning/play.
         Understand your child from a developmental perspective.
         Create a playful learning environment.

Fees & work requirements:

  • Seeds: No work requirements; 4 Hours of Parent meetings and daily Discussion Forum check in with child's teacher - Times TBD; $225/month
  • Sprouts: No work requirements; (4)1.5 Hour Parent Meetings with Teacher (2) .5 Hour Student Meeting with Teacher; $293/month
  • Blooms/Blossoms: No work requirements; (4) 1.5 Hour Parent Meetings with Teacher (2) .5 Hour Student Meeting with Teacher; $318/month

Level 3C - Available for all families
This optional additional component is designed to replace the parent learning that would typically happen within our environment as a working parent. Through group discussions, videos and other tools we will dive deeply into our philosophy of both parenting and learning so that in this time, parents have the extra tools they need not only to navigate the challenges but to allow everyone to grow and thrive in it. While this course can stand alone, when taken in conjunction with either on site learning or in level 2B, we are excited to be able to continue to support families in exploring and creating connections.

You will learn how to:

  • Use language that helps create connection
  • Set limits and boundaries and support their need for their own
  • Encourage and build resilience, self esteem and curiosity
  • Problem solve through sibling rivalry, skinned knees and seemingly conflicting need

Fees & work requirements:

  • Deeper Dive Monthly Commitment for ALL Families: No work requirements; 2 hours a week; $250/month